the grimes

5 New Albums I Am Thankful My Friends Told Me to Get

1. Sun - Cat Power

New stuff from Cat Power?! The first original from the singer in 6 years and well worth the wait. If you don't know CP, this is a good entree.  

By Cat Power

2.  Four - Bloc Party

As much as I have liked Bloc Party, I wouldn't have thought to look out for new material from them, but am glad my friend Jamiel thought to tell me about it. 

Four [Deluxe Edition]
By Bloc Party

3. 'Money Tough by Run Dun Crew 

Born out of the unique creative environment that is the Bluefields Sound System studio 'Money Tough is the union of Bluefields’ raw local youth talents Kali Boom and Papa Bantam with international House Music DJ “Evan Rhodes”. The album Money Tough exemplifies the struggle that musicians face living on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua as well as gives you the flavor and style of its Caribbean roots.

4. Visions by The Grimes

I have this friend, Tobey. If I look through my music collection and look for the artists and albums that really standout, chances are Tobey introduced me to them. The same is true for The Grimes. With her crystalline voice and the tracks churning electronic beats and beeps, these tracks are catchy and stirring. 

By Grimes

5. Channel Orange by Frank Ocean

We live around the corner from the Wiltern Theater and often see lines of fans lined up for new artists. The line for Frank Ocean wrapped around two blocks with some of the most interesting and stylish fans I've seen there. There is something to this guy. Not sure how to explain it. But I like it.