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POTD - The Me Bird by Pablo Neruda

POTD - The Me Bird by Pablo Neruda

The Me Bird

by Pablo Neruda

I am the Pablo Bird, 
bird of a single feather, 
a flier in the clear shadow 
and obscure clarity, 
my wings are unseen, 
my ears resound 
when I walk among the trees 
or beneath the tombstones 
like an unlucky umbrella 
or a naked sword, 
stretched like a bow 
or round like a grape, 
I fly on and on not knowing, 
wounded in the dark night, 
who is waiting for me, 
who does not want my song, 
who desires my death, 
who will not know I'm arriving 
and will not come to subdue me, 
to bleed me, to twist me, 
or to kiss my clothes, 
torn by the shrieking wind.
That's why I come and go, 
fly and don't fly but sing: 

There is a fantastic Stencil-Cut Animation inspired by this poem of Neruda's.

translation by Pat @ Close

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