5 - Supercut of Passageways in Ozu's Films

We've featured kogonada's supercuts before: Kubrick's One Point Perspective and the Sounds of Aronovsky.

From kogonada:

"The films of Ozu are filled with people walking through alleys and hallways: the in-between spaces of modern life. This is where Ozu resides. In the transitory. It’s what he values as a filmmaker. Alleys are not an opportunity for suspense but for passage. 


*Passageways is made up of Ozu’s final six films: Equinox Flower (Higanbana), Good Morning (Ohayo), Floating Weeds (Ukigusa), Late Autumn (Akibiyori), The End of Summer (Kohayagawa-ke no aki), and An Autumn Afternoon (Sanma no aji)"

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