Really: 5 things I learned FROM today. Share with those you love (or even just kinda like).

5 of the (roughly) 3,500 things I've learned these last two years

The very first 5 things post was two years ago today (August 11, 2010 in case you are interested). In that time we've met an incredible set of people, been priviledged enough to work with some of the most talented photographers and video folk. Thank you. For your talent, intelligence, support, encouragement and interest.  All the best things are in front of us.

(McFadden Creative; DevereauChumrau.com; Aren't We Clever Productions; SethSherman.com; SouloVisual; Gabriel Hernandez Photos)

Here are the 5 most visited links from all of the posts we've made. 

1. Star Wars Paintings

(from April 3, 2011)


2. Cinemagraphs

(from June 12, 2011)

3. Photoshopped Celebrity Body Art

(from June 26, 2011)


4. History of the World According to Wikipedia in 100 Seconds

(from March 21, 2011)

5. Abandoned Buildings of Paris

(from Jan 23, 2012)

5 - Stunning St. Petersburg Timelapse

1 - Kinetic Toy Reactivated with Light