If you want to read the sources we do, here is the list of sources. 936 in total and they range from art, design, music, ballet, tech, photography, sport and more. 

Normally a $30 digital download, you can get it for FREE here.



What's in this download

When you get this FREE download, you will receive one file, 5things.opml which includes the most important 936 news sources and blogs for the staff of 5thingsilearnedtoday.com. The feeds are organized into two groups CORE and COOL. CORE is mostly centered around design and technology, while COOL has a heavy focus on art, photography and news. 

What is OPML

OPML is an open format allowing other services to extend the format. While OPML was not initially designed as a vehicle to share RSS feeds, it has become the defacto standard. OPML, like RSS is based on RSS and because of the similarities those familiar with RSS have embraced OPML as a way to share RSS feed collections.

What do I do with this?

Once you download the 5things.opml file, you can import it into your favorite newsreader.

Some popular newsreaders that accept OPML Imports include:

Digg Reader


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