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See all 5 films that influenced Bill Paxton's career. https://5thingsilearnedtoday.com/2012/7/18/bill-paxton-5-films-that-influence-my-career

Top Episodes

1. Amazing photos of the amazing city in transition Dubai http://bit.ly/fzhr0k 2. Cartoons take on the old masters http://bit.ly/hmVuto 3. Hand drawn pakour animation http://bit.ly/hvANHw 4. Book making in 1947 http://bit.ly/g7BU1q 5. Crazy hand drawn history of scifi mind map http://bit.ly/hzaUxf

Check out all 5 at: http://5thin.gs/episode-4-3 1. Wow! A realistic dinosaur puppet 2. Portable music players from the 1920s 3. Other than describing how 'foreign' they are, I don't really agree, but... What Are The Hardest Languages To Learn [INFOGRAPHIC] 4. A short video tour of Spain and its architectures 5.

All 5 links at: http://bit.ly/lNdlPS 1. Mini-self-opening Origami 2. Disney Princesses brought to life 3. Hilarious Snowmobile accident 4. The Accidental Sea 5. Welcome to Pyongyang

1. Giant cow sculptures made from car parts http://5thin.gs/giant-cows 2. The amazing Phantom HD camera capturing stunning surfing http://5thin.gs/hi-def-waves 3. Hobo nickels http://5thin.gs/hobo-nickels 4. Photos from the 2011 Burning Man Festival http://5thin.gs/burning-man 5.

1. Famous paintings: right before and right after http://bit.ly/gfzTGj 2. World Press Photo Awards on the Big Picture http://bit.ly/hWhXWN 3. Photos of the completely impossible kind http://bit.ly/hEtslb 4. Trailer for the documentary PressPausePlay http://bit.ly/hiDeZl 5. Gorgeous designs to explain algorithms, etc http://bit.ly/eCHvuk

Michael Donald Edwards (Producing Artistic Director) is in his fifth season as producing artistic director of Asolo Repertory Theatre (http://asolorep.org). http://bit.ly/gUr84g

Hosted by Rich Schineller Shot by Gabriel Hernandez Photography by Scott Braun Edited by Tierney Nesbitt Produced and Directed by Ryan Nance


Read by Ryan Nance See all 5 and links to the texts at http://bit.ly/j33tBz

Read by Samantha Spaulding See all 5 and links to the texts at http://bit.ly/j33tBz

http://bit.ly/g7Bw76 Read by Kari Bunker

Read by Daniel Dean Demerin See all 5 and links to the texts at http://bit.ly/j33tBz

http://bit.ly/f4viwt Read by Sean Murphy